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Refuelling in Mallorca

Refuelling in Mallorca

Refuelling in Mallorca

Refuelling is not particularly cheap in Mallorca. Nowhere else in Spain has petrol and diesel prices as high as they do in the Balearic Islands. However the petrol station network is well developed in Mallorca.

High fuel prices in Mallorca
Motorists who visit Mallorca with their own car or use a rental car on site, must come to terms with high fuel prices. The island is known for its high fuel prices. A litre of super unleaded costs up to 10 cents more than on the Spanish mainland. There are also big differences in fuel prices within the island. In the region around the island's capital, Palma de Mallorca, prices are highest. Similar prices are on display for fuel in  all the coastal holiday regions. The fuel is often much cheaper off the tourist routes. If you visit the cities of Sineu or Inca by rental car, you should stop at a petrol station on the way to fill up the tank.

refueling in mallorca

Where to find petrol stations
Petrol stations can usually be found on the outskirts of larger towns. In the villages, there is usually no way to fill up. Also motorways and major roads have petrol stations at regular intervals. In Mallorca, Super unleaded with 95 octane and 98 octane as well as diesel are the only fuels available. The latter, however, is not available at all petrol stations. Super 95 is referred to as Gasolina noventa y cinco and Super 98 as Gasolina noventa y ocho. For diesel gas Óil or Gasóleo are common names. You should be vigilant at service stations. The petrol pump attendant will automatically pick up the most expensive fuel if you're not careful. A small tip for the service is common. If you want to fill up the tank, say the word "Lleno" (pronounced “yenno”).

New trend: charging stations for electric cars
Electric cars have recently started to appear on Mallorca’s roads. Some car rental companies have already included e-cars in their ranges and offer the electric vehicles for rent. If you opt for such a model, you will receive a power card to pay for the vehicle when you receive it. The batteries can be recharged at various charging stations. The largest density can be found in the island's capital, Palma de Mallorca. Also in Palmanova, Port Adriano, Sóller and Manacor you will find charging stations for electric cars. The Spanish utility provider, Endesa, has installed fast charging stations in underground car parks and on public roads in Palma. The charging process at these bases takes between 15 and 30 minutes.