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Mallorca Taxi

Mallorca Taxi

Taxis in Mallorca

There are certain times in Mallorca when a taxi is simply the only option – whether that is for a doctor's visit, a shopping trip to Palma or trips to the airport a taxi provides you with a quick and easy option.

Prices for taxi rides in Mallorca
The key consideration with taxi travel is always the cost. Rates can vary hugely from local city travel to cross island journeys. In Palma prices are calculated based on several different criteria including mileage and a fixed price waiting time. The minimum fare is currently 4 euros. Further differentiation in tariffs will be made between weekday and weekend trips. Weekend trips by taxi are more expensive than trips on weekdays. You must accept a surcharge on the basic fare if you are being chauffeured from the airport to a resort. The minimum price for these fares is currently 13 euros.

Taxi Mallorca

Tariffs and regulations for cross-island trips
Until recently, it was quite common to negotiate a package price for cross country fares with the taxi driver. With the introduction of meters and binding tariffs this is no longer allowed. The amount is displayed on the meter. Expenses can quickly add up, as the taxi driver’s return journey usually is included in the fare. At some key points, such as the airport, information boards provide information about taxi fares for certain destinations. However, this information is only intended as a rough guide and is not binding. If a taxi leaves the municipality where it is registered you pay a surcharge of between 1.10 to 1.30 euros per kilometre driven.

Fees for luggage and payment
In contrast to the regulations in many countries, taxis in Mallorca charged extra for each item of luggage. This usually amounts to 50 to 65 cents per suitcase or travel bag. For bulky items such as prams and wheelchairs you should expect to pay a higher fee. However, drivers may not refuse to take the bulky luggage. Dog owners should make sure that you agree with the taxi company in advance whether they agree to transport your pet or not if you wish to avoid disappointment. Since not all vehicles in Mallorca are equipped with a card reader, you should always carry enough cash when planning a taxi ride. When using this means of transport spontaneously, ask the driver whether the debit or credit card is accepted as a method of payment. The meter is required by law to be clearly visible to the passengers at all times.