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Mallorca Shopping

Planning a holiday makes everything that little bit better when you are there and our range of products in the Mallorca Shop will help you do just that. In this section you will find travel and phrasebooks, Mallorca videos, maps as well as food and jewellery from Mallorca.

Mallorca: Mallorca Travel Guide, Mallorca Phrasebook and Mallorca Videos
A good guide is a valuable help in preparing a holiday in Mallorca. Our guide provides all the information about the typical features of the Balearic Island that you will need and lists the most beautiful sights and describes the historical background of the island. In our Mallorca Shop you will find extensive travel guides, which we have selected for you according to content. A phrasebook is an important tool for connecting with the locals. The majority of Mallorcans speak Catalan with a local accent and some knowledge of the language may help you to communicate. Among our videos you will find colourfully illustrated travelogues, funny feature films and informative but slightly tongue-in-cheek videos.

Mallorca maps for active holidaymakers
In spring and autumn, active holidaymakers from all over Europe visit the Mediterranean island, exploring the unique landscapes Mallorca has to offer by biking or hiking. For hiking or cycling really detailed maps are an absolute must. The maps that we have selected for you, in addition to descriptions of hiking and cycling routes, include spectacular viewpoints, secluded castle ruins and dramatic gorges in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. In addition, the maps contain information about the difficulty, the length and resting points along the route.

Mallorca food and jewellery from Mallorca
Our authentic products in the shop area provide inspiration for your Mallorcan holiday dream. Golden oranges and succulent meaty olives from the sun-drenched "Valley of Gold" near Sollér conjure up a Mediterranean atmosphere on a plate and a glass of orange brandy Angel d'Ór Licor de Mallorca or a tasty seafood paella fill you with the heady memories of warm summer nights long after your holiday in sunny climes in over. On top of this we have an assortment of jewellery, which highlights the themes of the sunny Mediterranean island. The range includes everything from extravagant pendants, toe rings, chains to hoops and earrings.

Enjoy Mallorca Shopping: