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Mallorca Branchenbuch

Mallorca Branchenbuch

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1 Mallorca.com Profile

  • Your own Mallorca.com URL
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  • Company Logo
  • Complete contact details
  • SEO deep link to your homepage on Mallorca.com
  • Automatic Google Map display
  • Appearance in numerous categories
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  • Photo Gallery
  • opening hours
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  • Your own blog with unlimited entries

2 Eigener Blog

  • Unlimited number of blog posts
  • Each post in 3 languages ​​possible
  • Each post contains an image
  • Ability to set a post as a "Priority Post"
  • HTML input with text, titles and links
  • Blog posts arranged chronologically
  • Order changeable if desired
  • Available 24/7 with perfect mobile accessibility
  • Blog posts are paginated with 10x posts per page
  • Interesting posts will be published by the site admin on the Mallorca.com homepage

3 Easy Admin-Interface

  • Secure login procedure
  • User-friendly with all functions on a single page
  • Admin interface in 3 languages
  • Optimised presentation for use on tablets
  • Easy accessibility and tool tips
  • Contact management
  • Category assignment
  • Company information and description
  • Opening hours and photo gallery
  • Create blog posts easily "on the move" and in 3 languages
  • Visitor statistics for your profile
  • Secure subscription process via PayPal or on account
  • Subscription history available per click

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