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Activities and Leisure in Mallorca

Activities and Leisure in Mallorca

Activities and Leisure in Mallorca

sailing yacht on Mallorca's coastShopping possibilities, dog-friendly beaches, museums and Mallorcan cuisine, cycling in the Tramuntana mountains, hiking on the Dry Stone Route or kitesurfing in the bay of Pollença - the variety of outdoor and leisure activities in Mallorca is almost endless.

At Mallorca.com we have chosen a few island-specific topics and labelled them ‘Mallorca Reports’. Our detailed contributions include the 10 most beautiful beaches, selected bays and the weekly markets across the island of Mallorca. In a separate report we feature the shopping opportunities in Mallorca including an in-depth analysis of the range of retail therapy in the island's capital, Palma de Mallorca. Due to popular demand, we have put a special focus on the subject of food and drink on the island. You will learn details about the culinary habits of the Mallorcans and in the report ‘Mallorcan recipes’ find some traditional and typical dishes you can recreate at home.

There are also special contributions about dolphin watching, as the magnificent marine mammals make an appearance from time to time off the Mallorcan coastline and also, we provide information about the museums Mallorca has to offer. The latter are an ideal option if the weather should turn bad and will also give you an insight into the art and cultural history of the island. Useful information about rental cars can be found in the ‘Mobile in Mallorca’ report. Self-catering and individual tourism is becoming increasingly popular on the island, and therefore we endeavour to cover that in as much detail as we can. We also have individual features on Mallorca Natural Parks, the casino in Porto Pi and the fascinating celebration of Easter on the Mediterranean island.

Activities in Mallorca

The editors of Mallorca.com have created a comprehensive overview of all activities on the largest Balearic island. We have included individual contributions about the wide range of recreational activities for active holidaymakers. Mallorca outdoors has proven itself over a lengthy period to be about more than just the classics such as hiking, cycling and diving for those wanting something more than beach life. Windsurfing, kitesurfing and snorkelling feature heavily on the water sports programme and even nudists are catered for on certain sections of the island. We also have reports on the most attractive hiking trails in Mallorca and discuss the benefits of a water trip by kayak or even catamaran.

Mallorca offers some rather unusual outdoor activities such as canyoning and Stand Up Paddling (SUP). SUP in particular has become very popular with people of all ages in recent years. Standing on a wide board equipped with a paddle is a superb way to discover the coast of Mallorca. In the deep gorges of the Serra de Tramuntana you can opt for a guided canyoning tour and there are several horse ranches between Playa de Palma and the Bay of Alcúdia where you can learn the art of riding. Separate features on the topic of activities and things to do include boat tours, wellness spas, fishing and trekking.

We have taken a closer look at the most popular activities on the island and summarised them in individual reports. The article entitled Cycling in Mallorca contains information on racing, mountain biking and more laid-back cycling. You will find details about the profile of the routes in each region and the best time of year to take a cycling holiday. The Hiking in Mallorca report revolves around the most beautiful hiking routes in the Tramuntana Mountains and along the coasts and inland.

We provide a detailed report on the subject of golf in Mallorca. We will introduce you to selected golf courses that the island has to offer and give you information about golf courses provided by the owners of the facilities. Diving in Mallorca is a report that contains information on the natural diversity of the underwater world in Mallorca’s coastal waters. Diving is something that grows in popularity year after year. We explain what special features you need to consider during a diving course and the optimum time to book a place on a ‘diving safari’. Sailing is also one of the most popular water sports on the Mediterranean island. Virtually each coastal resort has a marina – invariably with a sailing and surfing school. In the Sailing in Mallorca piece we have collected information about organised sailing trips, sailing courses and the general maritime infrastructure of the island.