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Mallorca Holiday

  • Mallorca Holiday

    Almond blossom in February, subtropical temperatures in summer and grape harvest in September - a Majorca holiday is a pleasure in any season.

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  • Best Travel Time

    Most holidaymakers choose the summer months for a beach holiday in Mallorca. However mild winters with pleasant temperatures make the island a year round destination.

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  • Top 10 Beaches in Mallorca

    Mallorca has 550 km of stunning coastline and countless beaches and bays enticing you to take a refreshing dip in the turquoise blue Mediterranean.

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  • Weather in Mallorca

    Mallorca is located in the western Mediterranean in the subtropical climatic zone. Warm, dry summers and mild, short winters are the norm here.

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  • Mallorca Airport

    Aeropuerto de Son San Juan on the sunny island of Mallorca is the third most popular airport in Spain based on the sheer numbers of travellers passing through it.

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  • Mallorca Hotels

    Maritime holiday flair in a typical Mallorcan hotel. Maybe right on the sea or in the mountains? Our large database lists many cheap hotels on the island.

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  • Holiday Homes Mallorca

    Find the perfect holiday residence for your holiday in Mallorca.

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  • Rental Cars Mallorca

    A rental car guarantees you flexibility and agility during your Mallorca holiday. With the rental car you go on a journey of discovery inland, visit remote bays and explore the scenic beauty of the Tramuntana mountains.

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  • Mallorca Flights

    Fast, cheap and easy to reach - the Mediterranean island is just a short plane ride away. Two and a half to three hours from most UK airports is all you need to land on the sunshine island.

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  • Trips and Tours

    Various tickets for excursions and tours can be ordered online at before your trip so that none of your time needs to be wasted on this site!

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  • Finca Mallorca

    A finca in Mallorca is the stuff that dreams are made of. You can choose between a holiday home on the beach, a villa with sea view or a finca on the cliffs.

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  • Last Minute Mallorca

    Some holiday makers who don’t need to worry too much about time constraints sometimes are able to get a holiday home or self-catered apartment at the last minute with a significant discount as part of a last-minute package.

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  • South Coast Mallorca

    Comfortably furnished holiday homes on wonderfully situated bays, rustic stone country homes in the quiet inland and cosy apartments in the centre of small coastal towns are among the main types of self catering accommodation offered on the south coast of Mallorca.

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  • Southwest Coast Mallorca

    The range of holiday homes on the southwest coast of Mallorca is huge. Satellite TV, Wi-Fi connection and washing machine are standard features in most holiday rentals.

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  • Southeast Coast Mallorca

    On the south-east coast of Mallorca you can choose from a range of types of accommodation: exclusive villas, modern holiday chalets in a secluded location, spacious family apartments and country-style villas.

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  • North Coast Mallorca

    Modern holiday homes, rustic fincas and exclusive villas are located on the north coast of Mallorca both up on the cliffs and in the centre of the villages.

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  • Northeast Coast Mallorca

    The northeastern coast of Mallorca welcomes you with a contrast of lively seaside resorts and remote inland villages. Among the attractions in this region is the wide ramified cave system of the Cuevas de Artá.

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  • Northwest Coast Mallorca

    A natural stone finca with sea views in Banyalbufar or a villa with pool in Palmanyola - the wild rugged west coast of Mallorca gives you numerous charming holiday homes to choose from in a very exclusive location.

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  • Holiday Homes Palma de Mallorca

    Self catering accommodation in Palma de Mallorca or in the immediate vicinity is ideal if you want to combine swimming, sandy beaches and shopping trips or sightseeing tours.

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  • Inland Mallorca

    Holiday homes in Mallorca’s inland regions are either on the edge of small towns or in a beautiful secluded location where you will probably be surrounded by pine forests and olive groves.

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  • Holiday Apartment in Mallorca

    A spacious apartment with sea views, an elegant studio in the city centre or a spacious family apartment near the beach - Mallorca gives you a wide variety of options for choosing comfortable accommodation for a self-catering holiday.

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  • Mallorca Travel Info

    In this category we will present a variety of useful information about Mallorca that we hope you will find helpful.

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  • Entry to Mallorca

    Arriving in Mallorca is hassle-free for EU citizens. Spain and therefore the autonomous Balearic Islands are in both the European Union and the Schengen area. Personal checks are not required at the border.

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  • Holidays in Mallorca

    In Mallorca, the holidays are split into national, regional and municipal holidays. National holidays are non-working days in all Spanish provinces and territories.

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  • Mallorcan Events

    Mallorca has a lot of events and festivals that are spread across the whole year. Colourful, festive street parties are as much a part of the calendar as the more sombre religious celebrations with elaborately staged processions.

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  • Marinas in Mallorca

    We will introduce you to the most important, most beautiful and most exclusive marinas that the Mallorca has to offer.

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  • Mallorca ports

    In addition to Port de Palma, which is also a cargo handling centre and ferry port, Mallorca has a number of yachting and fishing ports in its many coastal towns.

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  • Mallorca Taxi

    There are certain times in Mallorca when a taxi is simply the only option – whether that is for a doctor's visit, a shopping trip to Palma or trips to the airport a taxi provides you with a quick and easy option.

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  • Dog Beaches in Mallorca

    Dog-friendly beaches are rare in Mallorca. Only five municipalities have beaches designated for dogs and their owners, where man’s best friends have unrestricted access to the sea, even in high season.

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  • Mobile in Mallorca

    Mobile in Mallorca: hire a car and experience the largest of the Balearic Islands at your own pace.

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  • Internet in Mallorca

    The internet in Mallorca has become an integral part of everyday life.

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  • Tipping in Mallorca

    In Mallorca tips are an important component of employees’ incomes in the service industry even though service is officially included in most bills.

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  • Motorway in Mallorca

    Motorways, like all major roads in Mallorca, are numbered. The signs are marked with blue signs, while secondary routes are marked with yellow signs.

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  • Mallorca Facts

    Mallorca is a Spanish island in the western Mediterranean, which belongs to the autonomous archipelago of the Balearic Islands.

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  • Palma Pass

    The Palma Pass 72 h is the basic version of the tourist pass. It costs a one-time fee of 33 euros and entitles you to all the benefits for a period of three days.

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  • Sustainable Tourism Tax

    The Sustainable Tourism Tax was introduced in the Balearic Islands on 1st July 2016. It applies to Mallorca and the neighbouring islands of Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera.

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  • Refuelling in Mallorca

    Refuelling is not particularly cheap in Mallorca. Nowhere else in Spain has petrol and diesel prices as high as they do in the Balearic Islands. However the petrol station network is well developed in Mallorca.

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  • Mallorca Travel Guide

    In our shop you will find an extensive selection of Mallorca travel guides, which are a useful planning aid for holiday preparation and a valuable companion on day trips.

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  • Mallorca Phrasebook

    Knowledge of the Catalan language is an advantage if you go on an individual journey of discovery in Mallorca. We've put together a selection of Mallorca phrasebooks that will help you get about.

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  • Mallorca Videos

    A Mallorca video will get you in the mood for a holiday in Mallorca. In our shop you will find travel reports, feature films and amusing film contributions that some up the quirks and charms of the island.

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  • Mallorca Maps

    The more active holidaymakers and motorists need the right maps to find their way around Mallorca. We have put together a special selection of maps for you, which are a useful companion on hikes, bike rides, boat tours and discovery tours by rental car.

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  • Mallorca Illustrated Books

    TMallorca is the favourite island for many European countries and the undisputed number one tourist destination in the Mediterranean.

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  • Mallorca Foods

    Cold-pressed olive oil, aromatic red wines and tasty herbal liqueurs from the Balearic island of Mallorca can be found in the food section of our shop.

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  • Mallorca Clothing

    Graduation trips, anniversary celebrations, bachelor parties, milestone birthdays - the reasons for a trip to Majorca with exuberant parties are varied and the right outfit for your holiday is essential.

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  • Mallorca Jewellery

    Jewellery tends to make a popular souvenir of your holiday to Mallorca. If you didn’t manage to pick up a souvenir of this kind during your stay or you just want to look the part when you arrive you will find a selection of unique traditional pieces in our shop.

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  • Mallorca Flags

    Red, yellow and purple are the dominant colours of the Mallorca flag. The banner is striped with red and yellow and contains the distinguishing feature of the purple rectangle, featuring a crenelated castle with five towers.

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  • Mallorca Calender

    A Mallorca calendar conjures up that holiday mood all year round within your own four walls. In our shop you will find a selection of high quality calendars with characteristic motifs of the island.

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  • Mallorca Shop Online

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  • Mallorca

    A special collection of exceptional and interesting Mallorca attractions to visit on holiday with a variety of insider-tips from our Mallorca fans!

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  • Mallorca's most beautiful places

    Mallorca is full of surprises. Numerous scenic and cultural attractions are available on the largest of the Balearic Islands. We have collected the most extraordinary and charming sights that Mallorca has to offer.

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  • Palma de Mallorca

    Palma de Mallorca is located in the southwest of the Balearic Island and is with about 400,000 inhabitants the largest city on Mallorca.

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  • El Arenal

    El Arenal is a party stronghold on the Playa de Palma and a major holiday resort especially popular with young German party animals.

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  • La Seu Cathedral

    La Seu - Palma de Mallorca’s gothic cathedral is the major landmark in the Mallorcan capital Palma de Mallorca. The church is one of the largest religious buildings in Spain.

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  • Castell de Bellver

    Castell de Bellver is a medieval fortress perched on a hill above the island's capital, Palma de Mallorca. The building is considered unique in Spain due to its round shape.

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  • Palma Aquarium

    Palma Aquarium offers colourful underwater scenery and extensive roof gardens. Over 8,000 inhabitants live in the 55 seawater pools in the tropical and subtropical climatic zones.

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  • Southwest Coast Mallorca

    The southwest coast draws its charm from a wealth of opposites: mountains, bays, marinas and magical resorts. The foothills of the Tramuntana mountains reach down to the sea in this region and on the slopes there are holiday homes offering fantastic views of the turquoise waters.

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  • Camp de Mar

    Camp de Mar is a small community on the southwest coast of Majorca. The seaside resort is ideal for a wonderful holiday in an exclusive environment.

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  • Peguera

    Almost 4,000 inhabitants live in the touristy seaside resort in the municipality of Calvià. Peguera is especially popular with tourists.

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  • Port d‘Andratx

    On the west coast of Mallorca Port d'Andratx is an exclusive harbour town in front of picturesque mountain scenery.

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  • Puerto Portals

    Puerto Portals sees the meeting of the Mallorca’s nobility every year. The marina on the southwest coast of Majorca is certainly one of the most enchanting places on the island.

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  • Port d‘Andratx

    On the west coast of Majorca is Port d'Andratx, an exclusive harbour town in front of a picturesque mountain backdrop and a very exclusive location in Mallorca.

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  • Sa Dragonera

    The rocky island of Sa Dragonera is a scenic gem off the southwest coast of Mallorca. The uninhabited island is a protected area and is a delightful destination for a day trip.

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  • Cala Falco

    Far away from the noisy tourist resorts with their crowded beaches lies the small bay of Cala Falco on the southwest coast of Mallorca. This romantic bathing paradise is located in the middle of a shady pine forest.

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  • Playa de Santa Ponsa

    Playa de Santa Ponsa is the name of the holiday resort and the sandy beach at its centre in the southwest of Mallorca. The pearl white sand glistens in the sunshine and forms a stunning contrast to the turquoise sea.

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  • Northwest Coast Mallorca

    The northwest coast of Mallorca comes over as natural wilderness. The region is dominated by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, whose highest peaks reach heights of over 1,400 meters above sea level.

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  • Fornalutx

    Fornalutx is a picturesque mountain village in the Serra de Tramuntana. Fornalutx has now twice been named Spain's most beautiful village.

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  • Sóller

    The 13,800 inhabitants Sóller is located in the northwest of Majorca in the Tramuntana Mountains. About three kilometers from the coast.

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  • Valldemossa

    Valldemossa is a mountain village in the Serra de Tramuntana. With its narrow streets it is one of the most charming sights in Mallorca.

    Mehr lesen: Valldemossa »

  • Sa Calobra

    On the wildly rugged northwest coast of Mallorca close to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, you will find the tiny coastal village of Sa Calobra.

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  • "Red Lightning"

    A major tourist attraction on Mallorca’s west coast is the famous tram which connects the small town of Sóller with the Port de Sóller district on the Mediterranean coast. It is colloquially referred to as "red lightning".

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  • Son Marroig

    High above the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, between Valldemossa and Deià, on the cliff you will find Son Marroig estate. The property is one of the most romantic locations on the west coast of Mallorca, with sweeping views of the rugged coastline.

    Mehr lesen: Son Marroig »

  • Tren de Sóller

    Tren de Sóller is a 27km long railway line opened in 1912, which connects the island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca with the small town of Sóller in the Serra de Tramuntana.

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  • Cala S´Estaca

    Halfway between Sa Foradada and Port de Valldemossa - lies a particularly charming spot: the small fishing village and bay of S'Estaca.

    Mehr lesen: Cala S´Estaca »

  • Cala Tuent

    On the wildly rugged northwest coast of Mallorca is Cala Tuent, a magical bay with a quiet beach. The mountain range of the Serra de Tramuntana ranges in this region to the coast.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Tuent »

  • North Coast Mallorca

    The north coast of Mallorca is typified by its changing coastline, seemingly at odds with each other, from rugged cliffs to miles of sandy beaches. The wind-capped Cap Formentor creates an unusual landscape in this region, which is one of the main attractions on the island.

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  • Alcúdia

    Alcúdia is a wonderful and popular city in the north of Majorca that uniquely combines history, culture and holiday flair.

    Mehr lesen: Alcúdia »

  • Can Picafort

    Can Picafort is a touristic holiday resort on the north coast of Majorca. It is located ten kilometers south of Alcúdia in the center of a long bay.

    Mehr lesen: Can Picafort »

  • Pollença

    Pollença is a town of 16,000 inhabitants on the edge of the Serra de Tramuntana. The artist city is located on the north coast of Mallorca.

    Mehr lesen: Pollença »

  • Old Town of Alcúdia

    The old town of Alcúdia is a medieval gem in the north of Majorca. The historic centre of Alcúdia is enclosed by an impressive city wall.

    Mehr lesen: Old Town of Alcúdia »

  • Cap Formentor

    Cap Formentor is the northernmost point of Mallorca. The foothills of the popular Tramuntana mountains plunge from a height of 200 m steeply into the sea.

    Mehr lesen: Cap Formentor »

  • Lluc Monastery

    The sanctuary of Santuari de Lluc was founded in the early 13th century and is considered the spiritual centre of Mallorca and attracts pilgrims from all around the world.

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  • S’Albufera Nature Park

    The nature park S'Albufera is a wetland with rich species of flora and fauna in the north of Majorca. Around 270 species of birds live in the area.

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  • Playa de Muro

    The Playa de Muro (Platja de Muro) is a beautiful six-kilometre stretch of beach on Majorca's north coast and the stuff that holiday dreams are made of.

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  • Serra de Tramuntana

    The Serra de Tramuntana is a wild rugged mountain range in northwest Mallorca. In 2011 it was included in the World Heritage List.

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  • Cala Bóquer

    In the very north west of Mallorca, on the peninsula of Formentor, the coastline is wildly rugged. Steep cliffs descend from a height of several hundred metres into the sea and rocky islands rise like teeth from the water surface of the Mediterranean.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Bóquer »

  • Cala Murta

    In the north of Mallorca, on the wild and rugged Formentor peninsula lies the picturesque bay of Cala Murta. The pebble beach is just 85 m long and is boxed in by impressive rocks and cliffs.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Murta »

  • Northeast Coast Mallorca

    On the northeast coast of Mallorca, long golden sandy beaches alternate with small sandy bays. Historic monasteries, medieval fortifications and spectacular dripstone caves are attractive destinations when you stay in this region.

    Mehr lesen: Northeast Coast Mallorca »

  • Cala Millor

    Cala Millor is a lively resort on the Mallorcan northeast coast and the bay’s sandy beach is around 1.8 km long and up to 35 m wide.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Millor »

  • Cala Ratjada

    Cala Ratjada is a popular holiday resort on the northeast coast of Majorca. Numerous first-class restaurants can be found right on the beach promenade.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Ratjada »

  • Cala Mesquida

    The Cala Mesquida is located about seven kilometres from the village of Capdepera. The 300 m long beach is made of the finest white sand.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Mesquida »

  • Castell de Capdepera

    Castell de Capdepera is a medieval fortress on the Mallorcan northeast coast. A much visited and very popular tourist attraction in this region.

    Mehr lesen: Castell de Capdepera »

  • Cuevas de Artà

    Cuevas de Artà is a bizarre stalactite underworld and was once a pirate hideaway. The most impressive stalagmite stands in the Hall of the Columnar Queen.

    Mehr lesen: Cuevas de Artà »

  • Ermita de Betlem

    The Ermita de Betlem is a 200-year-old hermitage, which was used by the monks as a monastery. In 2010, the last of the monks left the monastery.

    Mehr lesen: Ermita de Betlem »

  • Cala Agulla

    In the middle of Llevant Peninsula natural park you will find the idyllic bay of Cala Agulla on Mallorca’s northeast coast. The largely undeveloped landscape behind the sandy beach consists of mountains, dunes, flat rocks and pine forests.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Agulla »

  • Cala Torta

    The sandy beach at Cala Torta, which is 105 m wide at its widest, marks the end of a small bay, which is surrounded by two rocky headlands.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Torta »

  • Southeast Coast Mallorca

    The southeastern coast of Mallorca with its fjord-like bays and countless sandy beaches is a paradise for beach lovers. Picturesque coastal villages and lively resorts alternate on this coast of contrasts.

    Mehr lesen: Southeast Coast Mallorca »

  • Cala d’Or

    Cala d'Or offers the perfect mix for a varied Mallorca holiday. Bathing fun, sightseeing, water sports as well as exciting party nights!

    Mehr lesen: Cala d’Or »

  • Colonia Sant Jordi

    The resort of Colonia Sant Jordi is located in the municipality of Ses Salines between the towns of Santanyi and Campos and has a lively and vibrant centre.

    Mehr lesen: Colonia Sant Jordi »

  • Porto Cristo

    Porto Cristo is a charming port town on the south-east coast of Majorca, located on a picturesque bay framed by low cliffs and breath-taking scenery.

    Mehr lesen: Porto Cristo »

  • Santanyi

    Santanyi is a small, pretty town in the southeast of Mallorca, which has retained its original Mallorcan charm and traditional look to this day.

    Mehr lesen: Santanyi »

  • Cala Figuera

    The fig trees radiate a lush green, the turquoise blue waters shimmer and an azure blue sky arches over the horizon as the picturesque backdrop at the fjord-like bay of Cala Figuera.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Figuera »

  • Botanicactus

    The botanical garden Botanicactus is a breath-taking attraction on the south coast of Majorca. This fascinating area covers an area of 150,000 m².

    Mehr lesen: Botanicactus »

  • Cala Anguila

    The bay Cala Anguila is located on the Majorcan east coast and the beach‘s renown, fine white sand in shines brightly in the Mediterranean sunshine.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Anguila »

  • Cala Sa Nau

    Cala Sa Nau is a magical bay on the southeast coast of Mallorca and it crystal-clear water is ideal for water sports and attracts many bathers.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Sa Nau »

  • Castell de Santueri

    The Castell de Santueri is a 14th-century fortress in south-east Mallorca, located at the top of the Puig de Santueri table-mountain.

    Mehr lesen: Castell de Santueri »

  • Cuevas del Drach

    The spectacular stalactite formations make the Cuevas del Drach one of the most famous sights on the south-east coast of Majorca.

    Mehr lesen: Cuevas del Drach »

  • Cuevas del Hams

    Cuevas del Hams is the name of this wonderful cave system in Mallorca with its fascinating dripstone formations near Porto Cristo.

    Mehr lesen: Cuevas del Hams »

  • Santuari de Sant Salvador

    The former monastery Santuari de Sant Salvador on the southeast coast of Mallorca is a fascinating attraction near Felantix and well worth a visit.

    Mehr lesen: Santuari de Sant Salvador »

  • Cala Romantica

    The Cala Romantica, also known as S'Estany d'en Mas, is undoubtedly one of the most idyllic locations on this stretch of coast.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Romantica »

  • Cala Marmols

    Cala Marmols or Caló des Màrmols - the marble bay - is an idyllic, small sandy bay on the southeast coast of Mallorca - between Cala Santanyi and Cap de ses Salinas.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Marmols »

  • Cala Llombards

    The southeast of Mallorca has a rare gem in Cala Llombards, a magical bay on the rugged coast. Steep cliffs enclose the fjord-like bay, which extends about 230 m inland.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Llombards »

  • Cala Varques

    South of Porto Cristo between S'Estany d'en Mas and Cales de Mallorca lies the small bay of Cala Varques. The charming rocky bay with its fine sandy beach is something of an insider secret.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Varques »

  • South Coast Mallorca

    The south coast of Mallorca sets a gentle pace. You will be hard pushed to find lively tourist spots here. The landscape of this hinterland is characterised by small bays, surrounded by sharp-edged rock plateaus and rural ambience.

    Mehr lesen: South Coast Mallorca »

  • Es Trenc

    Es Trenc is a seven-kilometre-long natural beach on the south coast of Mallorca with beautiful white sand, turquoise sea and flat dunes.

    Mehr lesen: Es Trenc »

  • Insel Cabrera

    Cabrera is located about 14 kilometres from the Majorcan coast in the sea off the south coast of Mallorca and belongs to the Archipelago de Cabrera.

    Mehr lesen: Insel Cabrera »

  • Cala Pi

    With a length of 420 m and width of up to 100 m wide, the bay of Cala Pi, flows into the interior of Mallorca. The inlet has steep cliffs on both sides, with snow-white villas perched on the tops.

    Mehr lesen: Cala Pi »

  • Inland Mallorca

    Only a few kilometres from the coastline, Mallorca displays its original, unspoilt side. Dreamy villages lie in the wide plain of Es Plá as windmills’ sails turn lazily in the breeze.

    Mehr lesen: Inland Mallorca »

  • Mallorca Planetarium Costitx

    The fascinating Mallorca Planetarium is located in the small community of Costitx in the interior of Mallorca and includes an astronomical observatory.

    Mehr lesen: Mallorca Planetarium Costitx »

  • Santuari Nuestra Senyora de Cura

    The Santuari de Nostra Senyora de Cura Monastery is located at the top of the Puig de Randa mountain in inland Majorca at an altitude of 543 m.

    Mehr lesen: Santuari Nuestra Senyora de Cura »

  • Ses Fonts Ufanes

    After heavy rains in the Tramuntana mountains, thousands of cubic meters of water gush out of the ground here in a holm oak forest. Simply spectacular!

    Mehr lesen: Ses Fonts Ufanes »

  • Sineu Weekly Market

    The traditional weekly market of Sineu is an attraction in the inland of Mallorca and has been a popular attraction for visitors for many years.

    Mehr lesen: Sineu Weekly Market »

Mallorca Activities

  • Activities and Leisure in Mallorca

    Shopping possibilities, dog-friendly beaches, museums and Mallorcan cuisine, cycling in the Tramuntana mountains, hiking on the Dry Stone Route or kitesurfing in the bay of Pollença - the variety of outdoor and leisure activities in Mallorca is almost endless.

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  • Mallorca Shopping

    Mallorca is a shopping paradise in the sun. Whether posh designer fashions, leather goods from Inca or typical Majorica jewellery, Mallorca is a place that has something for all consumer tastes.

    Mehr lesen: Mallorca Shopping »

  • Markets in Mallorca

    Weekly markets are as much a part of Mallorca as sun and beaches. Every day of the week you can go shopping in various island locations and haggle with the market traders for the best price.

    Mehr lesen: Markets in Mallorca »

  • Mallorca Shopping Centres

    The island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca, is a veritable shopping paradise. The city has two covered mega-malls and a huge outlet centre on the outskirts of the city that are very tempting for a shopping spree.

    Mehr lesen: Mallorca Shopping Centres »

  • Shopping in Palma

    Mallorca's capital Palma is a shopping paradise in a class of its own. Luxury fashion can be found on the "designer mile", Paseo del Borne, while in the narrow shopping street of San Miguel you can stock up on Mallorcan leather goods and Spanish fashions.

    Mehr lesen: Shopping in Palma »

  • Food and Drink

    Mallorcan cuisine has been exposed to various influences over the centuries. Although there are similarities to Spanish cuisine, the "Cuina Mallorquina" has retained its originality.

    Mehr lesen: Food and Drink »

  • Tapas

    Whether cod in garlic oil, meatballs in tomato sauce, cream cheese with Ibérico ham or fried squid rings - tapas are hearty snacks that are eaten at any time of the day in Mallorca.

    Mehr lesen: Tapas »

  • Mallorcan recipes

    Mallorcan cuisine has been strongly influenced by Catalan, Arabic and Roman food preparations with strong emphasis on fresh ingredients. Below are a few samples of mouth-watering Mallorcan recipes.

    Mehr lesen: Mallorcan recipes »

  • Fun and Leisure

    A holiday in Mallorca is never short of things to do. The range of leisure activities on the island is huge and there genuinely is something for everybody regardless of age.

    Mehr lesen: Fun and Leisure »

  • Bays in Mallorca

    Mallorca can boast of having 200 bays and inlets along its rich coastline. Some are easily accessible by road, others can only be reached after a trek or a boat trip.

    Mehr lesen: Bays in Mallorca »

  • Dolphins in Mallorca

    They largely appear in small groups off the coast of Mallorca: dolphins, the grey marine mammals and darlings of all children. A boat trip to see the dolphins is one of the highlights of an island holiday for anyone.

    Mehr lesen: Dolphins in Mallorca »

  • Museums in Mallorca

    A museum visit is the perfect thing to do on the rare occasion that the weather in Mallorca. Both the capital, Palma and the inland towns and villages have an array of art exhibitions, monastic museums and archaeological collections that are well worth a visit.

    Mehr lesen: Museums in Mallorca »

  • Casino Mallorca in Porto Pi

    Nerves jangling at the blackjack table, petrified faces at the poker table and maximum tension at the roulette table - Casino Mallorca is worth a gamble.

    Mehr lesen: Casino Mallorca in Porto Pi »

  • Mallorca’s Natural Parks

    For years, the natural parks and nature reserves in Mallorca have seen increasing numbers of visitors. The natural beauty of the coast and the interior of the island can be discovered by hiking, boat trips or bicycle tours.

    Mehr lesen: Mallorca’s Natural Parks »

  • Mallorca Bike Week

    Mallorca Bike Week promises a completely different kind of Mallorca holiday experience and will certainly make a cyclist’s heart beat faster.

    Mehr lesen: Mallorca Bike Week »

  • Mallorca Beach Clubs

    Mallorca's beach clubs are synonymous with a chilled and luxurious lifestyle which attracts an international audience.

    Mehr lesen: Mallorca Beach Clubs »

  • Water Parks in Mallorca

    We will introduce you to the top water parks in Mallorca and explain about the special features and attractions of these giant leisure centres.

    Mehr lesen: Water Parks in Mallorca »

  • Society & Culture

    It's no secret that Mallorca is not only popular with holidaymakers but also with celebrities from the world of film, television, sports and show business. The popularity of the island has a lot to do with its many different facets and cultural offerings.

    Mehr lesen: Society & Culture »

  • Easter in Mallorca

    Splendid processions, services and stagings - Easter is splendidly staged on Mallorca and is the most important religious festival of the year.

    Mehr lesen: Easter in Mallorca »

  • Celebrities in Mallorca

    Most holiday makers, generally would not think of meeting international celebrities in Mallorca. People travel on budget airlines into Palma and tend to down a bucket load of sangria over a few days without really thinking about stars and celebrities.

    Mehr lesen: Celebrities in Mallorca »

  • Almond blossom in Mallorca

    Around seven million almond trees are in full bloom in Mallorca between late January and early March. The air is filled with the beguiling scent of white-pink flowers and a kaleidoscope of colour.

    Mehr lesen: Almond blossom in Mallorca »

  • Naturismin Mallorca

    The Balearic island of Mallorca is a mecca for water lovers and sun worshipers with over 180 sunny beaches and coves. Nudists can look forward to about a dozen Playas, where nude bathing is accepted.

    Mehr lesen: Naturismin Mallorca »

  • Bachelor and Hen Parties

    Spending a bachelor party or a hen party in Mallorca has always been a classic when it comes to bringing the bride or groom to life again.

    Mehr lesen: Bachelor and Hen Parties »

  • Work and Education

    Many people from northern Europe dream of emigrating and being able to work and make money in Mallorca.

    Mehr lesen: Work and Education »

  • Finding work in Mallorca

    300 days of sunshine a year, open your front door or window to the Med and enjoy its ambience - Mallorca is a dream working destination for millions.

    Mehr lesen: Finding work in Mallorca »

  • Language Schools an Courses

    peaking the local language opens doors for you but also helps you to understand how a different culture works. And very few languages are more fun or useful than Spanish, because Spanish has flair and attitude and is one of the most widely used world languages

    Mehr lesen: Language Schools an Courses »

  • Watersports & Sailing

    Surfing, sailing, stand-up paddling, diving - water sports are hugely popular in Mallorca all year round.

    Mehr lesen: Watersports & Sailing »

  • Fishing in Mallorca

    The waters around Mallorca are brimming with fish and what could be better for the amateur fisherman thanbeing able to catch your own supper.

    Mehr lesen: Fishing in Mallorca »

  • Canyoning in Mallorca

    Canyoning is an action-packed leisure activity amidst a world of rock and water as the adrenaline kicks in on one of the exciting tours you will ever try through narrow gorges.

    Mehr lesen: Canyoning in Mallorca »

  • Catamaran Mallorca

    An azure sky arching over the deep blue sea, as two hulls cut through the deep blue waves like lightning - Catamaran sailing is considered the Formula 1 of sailing.

    Mehr lesen: Catamaran Mallorca »

  • Kitesurfing in Mallorca

    Kitesurfing is an action-packed leisure activity that is enjoying growing popularity in Mallorca. The hotspots of the kitesurfing scene are in the north of the island at the bay of Alcúdia and Playa de Palma in the south.

    Mehr lesen: Kitesurfing in Mallorca »

  • Snorkelling in Mallorca

    Snorkellers can get up close and personal with groupers, sea anemones and cuttlefish in Mallorca’s perfect waters. The numerous rocky bays and headlands are the optimal conditions for marvelling at the underwater bio-diversity that Mallorca is famous for.

    Mehr lesen: Snorkelling in Mallorca »

  • Stand Up Paddling in Mallorca

    SUP - these three letters stand for the latest craze that has taken Mallorca by storm. Stand up Paddling is a water sport for all ages and is about to establish itself as an integral part of Mallorcan tourism.

    Mehr lesen: Stand Up Paddling in Mallorca »

  • Surfing in Mallorca

    Mallorca offers a number of attractive surfing spots along its 550 km of coastline. Water sports have enjoyed great popularity on the Balearic island for decades. In addition to windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing are also possible in some coves.

    Mehr lesen: Surfing in Mallorca »

  • Kayaking in Mallorca

    Kayaking in Mallorca is like leaving one world and going to the next as you leisurely paddle along the coast and discover secluded coves, mysterious grottoes and dramatic cliffs.

    Mehr lesen: Kayaking in Mallorca »

  • Boat trips and tours

    Whether you go out on a yacht, a motor boat, an excursion boat or a catamaran - you should definitely make sure you do a boat tour during your holiday in Mallorca.

    Mehr lesen: Boat trips and tours »

  • Windsurfing in Mallorca

    Windsurfing in Mallorca is one of the most popular leisure activities for active holidaymakers and the island has some first-class surfing spots to offer.

    Mehr lesen: Windsurfing in Mallorca »

  • Diving in Mallorca

    Colourful stony corals, giant groupers and expansive beds of seagrass – Mallorca has a diverse and colourful underwater world, which you can explore during diving trips.

    Mehr lesen: Diving in Mallorca »

  • Sailing in Mallorca

    Idyllic bays with small sandy or pebble beaches, modern marinas with first-class facilities and crystal-clear water make Mallorca an excellent place for sailing.

    Mehr lesen: Sailing in Mallorca »

  • Cycling in Mallorca

    ldyllic family cycle paths, demanding mountain bike trails and winding mountain roads - Mallorca offers numerous options with varied routes and optimal conditions for those who prefer two wheels to four.

    Mehr lesen: Cycling in Mallorca »

  • Bike rental Mallorca

    The bike rentals in Mallorca have adapted to the different demands of their clientele over recent years and offer a wide range of bikes.

    Mehr lesen: Bike rental Mallorca »

  • Mountain biking in Mallorca

    Rocky climbs, loosely paved pilgrim trails reminiscent of old military roads in the Alps, and spectacular downhill runs - Mallorca offers excellent conditions for mountain biking.

    Mehr lesen: Mountain biking in Mallorca »

  • Bike Paths in Mallorca

    Mallorca only has a limited number of officially designated cycle paths with marked signs, but the network of trails is constantly being expanded.

    Mehr lesen: Bike Paths in Mallorca »

  • Road bike tours in Mallorca

    More and more tourists are drawn to the beautiful interior of the island, where they rent fincas and enjoy the true rural beauty of Mallorca.

    Mehr lesen: Road bike tours in Mallorca »

  • Hiking and Climbing

    Hiking in Mallorca: Outdoor adventures under a Spanish sun

    Mehr lesen: Hiking and Climbing »

  • Mallorca hiking trails

    Fantastic routes to mountain peaks, idyllic coastal hiking trails and rocky mountain trails - Mallorca has a wealth of hiking trails to offer.

    Mehr lesen: Mallorca hiking trails »

  • Trekking in Mallorca

    A trekking tour is both an adventure and a challenge. In Mallorca, the mountain range of the Serra de Tramuntana is ideal for both one- or multi-day trekking excursions.

    Mehr lesen: Trekking in Mallorca »

  • Sport Climbing in Mallorca

    With a very diverse landscape and excellent infrastructure, Mallorca is also a paradise for climbers.

    Mehr lesen: Sport Climbing in Mallorca »

  • Hiking in Mallorca

    Mallorca’s diverse landscape with rugged mountains to the northwest, long sandy beaches to the north and south, spectacular cliffs to the west and a mountainous coastal landscape to the east make Mallorca an excellent destination for hikers and lovers of the great outdoors.

    Mehr lesen: Hiking in Mallorca »

  • Horse Riding in Mallorca

    A horse riding trip through shady pine forests or on the beach is a lovely change of scenery for many travellers on holiday in Mallorca. The largest Balearic Island has the highest density of horses anywhere in Europe.

    Mehr lesen: Horse Riding in Mallorca »

  • Wellness in Mallorca

    A relaxing dip in the jacuzzi in the morning, a hot stone massage after lunch followed by beauty treatment for your face - this is what a perfect wellness day in Mallorca could look like.

    Mehr lesen: Wellness in Mallorca »

  • Golf in Mallorca

    With more than 20 golf courses, Mallorca is the top destination in the western Mediterranean for passionate golfers. The island is only two and a half to three hours away from most UK airports.

    Mehr lesen: Golf in Mallorca »

Mallorca Property & Real estate

  • Mallorca Properties for Sale/Rent

    With its contrasting coastal regions and quaint villages in the interior of the island, Mallorca offers a huge selection of charming residential areas. There are numerous and varied properties available for sale or for long term rental.

    Mehr lesen: Mallorca Properties for Sale/Rent »

  • Buying Property in Mallorca

    Regardless of whether you are interested in an apartment, a luxurious house, an apartment with a picturesque sea view or a renovation project in need of some TLC, Mallorca has something for you.

    Mehr lesen: Buying Property in Mallorca »

  • Property Purchasing Law

    We clarify what steps are required until the final purchase of a property in Mallorca and what is to be considered on the way to home ownership.

    Mehr lesen: Property Purchasing Law »

  • Moving to Mallorca

    With a move to Mallorca, many people fulfill a lifelong dream year after year. In order to avoid the most hurdles on the way to relocation, we have put together a number of tips and tricks here for you.

    Mehr lesen: Moving to Mallorca »

Inland Mallorca

Inland Mallorca

Inland Mallorca

Only a few kilometres from the coastline, Mallorca displays its original, unspoilt side. Dreamy villages lie in the wide plain of Es Plá as windmills’ sails turn...

Southeast Coast Mallorca

Southeast Coast Mallorca

Southeast Coast Mallorca

The southeastern coast of Mallorca with its fjord-like bays and countless sandy beaches is a paradise for beach lovers. Picturesque coastal villages and lively...

Mallorca Properties for Sale/Rent

Mallorca Properties for Sale/Rent

Mallorca Properties for Sale/Rent

With its contrasting coastal regions and quaint villages in the interior of the island, Mallorca offers a huge selection of charming residential areas. There are...

Holiday Apartment in Mallorca

Holiday Apartment in Mallorca

Holiday Apartment in Mallorca

A spacious apartment with sea views, an elegant studio in the city centre or a spacious family apartment near the beach - Mallorca gives you a wide variety of...

Weather in Mallorca

Weather in Mallorca

Weather in Mallorca

Mallorca is located in the western Mediterranean in the subtropical climatic zone. Warm, dry summers and mild, short winters are the norm here.

Rental Cars Mallorca

Rental Cars Mallorca

Rental Cars Mallorca

A rental car guarantees you flexibility and agility during your Mallorca holiday. With the rental car you go on a journey of discovery inland, visit remote bays and...